December 1st: First day back at college after break

So today’s my first day back at college. I woke up at 4am at my house to ride back down to school with my dad. Talked about last nights fun activities…. (sign) Was dropped off at college told him I love him ‘n stuff and would see him on thursday. Went up to my room found my roommate wasn’t here and proceeded to start unpacking and setting up my stuff. Around 6am I picked up working on my English essay again. 9:30 am I stopped my essay I was done with the typing of it. I went to breakfast with a friend down here. Came back around 10:09 went and used the facilities.. Came back printed off the essay and edited it made the changes. Sent it off to my mother around 11:20. She asked for my passcode for the website that my college “uses” for grading.. uses is in quotes cause I have no grades besides a 0. in one class for an assignment that was 0 / 0 points. at the beginning of the semester. Went to classes.. realized that group work sucks. sucks sucks. ¬†went to math got my math test grade back.. woops 48 not the best I need to try harder. Hung out with friends for a bit went to dinner with said friends came back to my floor hung out with floor friends went and did work. Emailed one of my professors about the car group work that I said sucks earlier. Finished up with my mothers corrections for English Thanks Mum!

Added some rope lights to my desk, tried to mill a hole though my pop filter connector.. failed Recorded for a bit. Roommate stopped in to drop his shiz off and then go over to a friends to work on his essay. wrote the blog more. Then settled back into recording.

Finished recording now its time to start on homework again specifically my computer science homework… that might be one or two classes overdue.. ¬†Started that about 11pm its now 12:45 am on december 2nd and I just finished printed it off. Time to pack it away pack for classes tomorrow make my bed and sleep in it.