December 24th: Christmas Eve day

First off Merry Christmas Eve!!!! or Happy Holidays whatever you prefer!!!!

So yea starting off at 1:08am in the morning I just got back into minecraft programming I should eventually finish up my original plugin update.. that’s 2 years in the making because I have bad time management and stuff. I’m also working on porting a bukkit mod to a forge mod.It can’t be that hard can it? It should be just some simple changes. Some other things I need to do are finish my 2000 subscriber special and unveil my other little side project I have going on with that 🙂 I need to block those foolish reddit third party bot’s by some random guy on the internet that coded them up and offer nothing but spam towards me.  I need to edit all the footage that I recorded from the theatre before I go back to college. Speaking of college I received a d in my english, and a C- in my math class. Currently I waiting on my computer science classes and my eye class grade to be returned. But for now I’m going to go to bed and get some shut eye because later on today I’m going to see the latest hobbit movie and stuff. So fast forward my 8 hours of sleep to 10am when my alarm went off. I shut it off and proceeded to lie in bed for the next 3 hours! Doing what? Just thinking of stuff I need to do! I got dressed wrote on this for a bit and now I’m going downstairs to get some food before leaving at 4:30. It’s now 1:45pm I’m done eating and showering now I get to wrap all my Christmas presents and put em underneath the tree for tomorrow. Did that ate food at longhorns steakhorn.. mother said that as she came in telling me to get up this morning… It’s longhorns steakhouse..  After eating we then went to the movie theatre to watch the last and latest installment of the hobbit. It was great! Came home watched some downeast dickering. Wrote this now I’m going to bed.