December 2nd I hate alarms

Plain and simple I hate alarms. Hate hate hate em. They wake me up then I go right back to bed after shutting it off. I sleep through them as well! Today I set mine go off at 8am.. 8:36 rolls around and I’m fumbling with my alarm clock trying to shut the damn thing off… I succeed and fall back to sleep 9:15am holy shit I over sleep 10 minutes to get dressed eat use the bathroom and get to class… Argh I hate alarms! Walked into English class with about a minute to spare. Sat through that class doing an exercise about someone’s essay from a year ago fun stuff. Surprisingly easy and not boring for once.. During my downtime I cleared up space on my iPod deleted photos, apps and stuff. Started my trip over to the other campus at 11:00 am arrived at 11:30 am. My computer science class started at 11:45 am got some papers handed back ‘n stuff handed in my overdue work. Learned something I’d been using for years but never knew how it functioned and how it worked now that I know it all makes sense!!!!

Wrote that up on the bus ride back home at 1:15pm. Arrived home around 1:45pm saw my roommate off for skiing.  Ate lunch with friends. Did some mandated federal thing about not sexually assaulting people so I don’t lose my financial aid. Then ate dinner. Came back to my room and sat around for a bit did my homework for a little while. Then shifted into playing games with friends for the rest of the night.

We started off playing guns of Icarus with Robert, Tanis, Jake for a round, then we went on to playing Left for Dead 2, for a around then a round of team fortress two  in which Alex joined us. After the first round our good friend Robert left us.