December 4rd The Crazy Uncle has Returned!

The crazy uncle has returned to the theatre!

So yea I’ve come back to the theatre but before that let’s talk about my day.

Started my day at 8:00am to waking up to my lovely alarm clock which I hate, so I naturally fell back asleep til 8:30am when my father called me to get me up. He always knows when I oversleep somehow. I’m thankful for that.

Went to class didn’t get my essay back yet. Got out of class a bit early Yay!

Went and sat my butt on the bus seat playing a foolish phone game that my friends have recently gotten me addicted to yay!

Went to class and finished up my lab 9 in class now I have to do program 9 and lab 10 & program 10 yay.

So went back to my home campus ate lunch with my friends got bitched out for leaving like normal xD (still love them guys). Ate a ton of good food today was apparently national cookie day yay thank god I’m working all that off in the theatre hopefully will be at 120 by the end of all this.

Went back to my room and had a loudness war with every guy on my floor that has a speaker system basically. That was a fun way to waste 30 minutes. I won cause I have a full stereo system that I bought myself my 8th grade / freshman year and has been my for these last 5/6 years and still runs like brand new. Treat ya stuff right ‘n it lasts forever.

Got the call from my dad that he was at my lights just outside of the school limit and I finished packing up my stuff and headed out to meet him. We stopped at my grandparents on the way home to salt the driveway and bring up some wood because my grandfather recently had surgery on his knee.

Traveled to the theatre and beat my sister there by half an hour she was supposed to be there at 5:00pm I showed up at 5:30pm and she showed up at 5:45pm  with my dinner and techie shorts! Loads of fun stay tuned for the night one video..