December 5th The crazy uncle spends a day at his highschool

The Crazy Uncle spent a full day at his high school. Not for school but for working in the theatre doing matinees all day! whoo! Started my day at about 6:15am with my alarm going off getting up getting food and leaving house about 6:45am to get to the school at 7:00am. RIght as I walked in I was told I needed to go get a visitor’s pass by my director #graduatedKidProblems. Ran around grinding screws off ‘n stuff. Ran two shows back stage came out to bows wearing the beard n’ stuff. Went to pick up my shirt but guess what.. went to the post office and they saved the wrong package out.. They saved my mothers package instead of mine.. so I got to haul a 12lb box back to school in my friends vehicle instead of my own package. Before we went back we stopped to get gas and all the pumps in town were full with people waiting fun fun.. got back to school with like 10 minutes to spare fun. Had a quick lunch of spicy fries and a milk from the cafe after stating I didn’t’ have a number… and had to pay the adult price fun fun.  Didn’t matter to me I just wanted food. didn’t know my sisters number so ya.   Went around front and was told that a kid had stated that his friend Harris was in college and he wasn’t going to see me here.. Surprise surprise at the end.. he saw me 🙂 it was my scout masters son. Finished that show up reset for the night show went home received my shirt finally. It looked great, wore it walking into the night show,  walked in on the game of murder fun fun as usual. Did the night show popped up under the curtain recorded the whole thing will have more video of that 2 come sometime