November 30th: Don’t ignore the English work.

So I started my day off by staying up to 2 am doing my english homework.. yay fun stuff

Woke up at 9am to my cat sleeping on my legs which means I had no feeling in them fun fun stuff. went downstairs ate some breakfast of bacon and eggs and discussed when I’m going to do my aunts deck didn’t wanna do it in the freezing rain.. done it before its not fun.

So I worked on my english homework for a while and by that I mean I got distracted with facebook and stuff.. woops. So I stumbled around doing my english homework. 1:20ish came downstairs to unload the truck, and bring in firewood and head the the theatre. Stopped to get gas and an iced coffee fun fun.  Worked in the theatre cleaned out backstage a bit more, fixed a hole in the back curtain.  cleaned the closet out for the head costumer… as well as joking around when she told me to do it. fun fun xD. We then proceeded to deal with the canvases fun fun figured out the painters messed up long story short ton of stress and some problem solving..

Was picked up by my father to go over to my aunts and shovel her deck and front steps off fun fun took me  a little less than 2 hours to do it. Came home to eat dinner, of my leftover subway and mountain dew that I had a theatre friend buy for me when they went out. Got started on my english essay finally. Worked on that for a little bit then went down and gave my mother my english book so she could look something up for me while I took a shower. She did thanks mum! went back upstairs and continued to work on it until 10pm went downstairs basically had a breakdown or midlife crisis over this stupid shit and being in college and stuff… how I just wanna play play play (sounds like a song title lol) which I kind of do. Basically I just need to learn better time management like really better time management, and not let me friends tell me to play one more game, or come do this come do that.

Fun stuff I’m actually writing most of this blog post on the first of December very early in the morning its now 6:11am and I’m just finishing this up I started at about 5:30am after I had set up my computer system again. I’m now going to work on my english essay and hopefully get it to my mother for 10am, write a blog post, record some more youtube videos, upload youtube videos, work on other homework oh and go to classes.