College Take #2: The new beginning.

It’s a new year start of 2015 out with the old in with the new.

Time to improve my old self. I will definitely no longer be leaving my homework until the night before it is due that is just not good. In high school  I could do that easily. In college not so much. I ended my first semester with a GPA of 2.2 that is not my quality of work. No way is that my best work. My best would would around a 3.5-3.7 even a 4.0. With this rocky start and my mentality of “Oh it’ll just be like high school peice of cake” I now have to try even harder to get back up into my acceptable range.

Christmas break.

Over Christmas break I was extremely quiet because I was having a lot of fun times with friends and family, enjoying my new gifts, doing chores, playing video games and recording them.

Some of the great stuff I got over break were

  • My Keurig that I’m currently in love with.
  • My brita filter
  • my new 1920×1080 monitor 🙂
  • new recording software.
  • new steam games.
  • my new android moto e phone which works like a charm.
  • new clothing.
  • hunting gear
  • new books
  • Keurig cups and creamer
  • my new mugs
  • gold rush dvds

During Christmas break I saw the last Hobbit movie with my family and into the woods  with my friends right before coming back to college. Great times relaxing in some reclining chairs eating popcorn watching a few great new movies.

Also over Christmas break I started my own modpack for minecraft its 1.7.10 and built mainly on beta build a few releases. I recorded a bunch of great new content on it with my good friend Tanis. After uploading a few episodes of that and my League of Legends series with Tanis and Justin we realized that we could not hear them in the videos which in part because dxtory records audio streams separately and the editor I was using would only render out the first one which was me talking.  I quickly solved this by using a different editor that is capable of rendering out footage with more than one audio stream and also making full scale movies and edits which is great news for me, because I have other footage I need to edit and the channel because I can make better videos that way!

On to my schooling

I arrived by to college with my father after we had surprised my mother by dropping her off at a local restaurant on the way. We dropped her off there because some friends wanted to give her a surprise birthday party.  So after unpacking and all that lovely jazz running around and picking up my textbooks for this semester that cost a measly $530. Removing a fake plywood cut out tree from my dorm room I kissed my father good bye and we parted ways our last voice convo was him telling me how proud of me he was. Really touching. Honestly. My dad means the world to me and I may fight against him but he means the world to me. I’ve been so proud of what he’s done in his life and he knows what’s best for me. I should listen and act, not listen and not act, like I have been doing. He’s been through this before he stayed in a dorm and knows what dorm life was like. Ok enough of the rant.

After my dad left I had a very messy room that only continued to get messier because I took down my old desk to turn it into a new and improved desk. The desk is now self supporting and I took the old desk that was underneath and turned it into a side desk after having to unfortunately remove the drawers because with the current setup I would have to move my wooden desk every time I wanted something from the drawers.

On Sunday I woke up around 9:30 tossed and turned for a bit went back to bed until I was woken up at 11. I got up made myself a cup of coffee with my new Keurig added in my creamers. Started bugging my friends to see when they would be inbound discovered we only get half our meals this week (Meal plans reset wednesday.) Friends started arriving in. Showed off my setup to a few people some of which might be convinced that I work for the FBI. Helped a friend out by loaning him my lovely DeWALT drill so they could screw something in that was what started the showing off of the setup his dad was interesting in seeing what I had built. Had a lovely chat with him eventually they left and we started doing our own things again.  Other friends arrived much rejoice much carrying in of stuff. Hung out at the crack ( a food place on campus) with friends for a bit. Much shenanigans were had during the night between friends as usual.

Applied for the first internship of my computer science career to work at L.L. Bean a company that was founded in Maine that I did a research project on a long time ago back when I was in elementary school. Figured out when all my classes were and the busing schedule. found out that I can sleep an extra 10 minutes before my alarms start going off. I can now sleep until 8:40 instead of 8:30. Yay!

Uploaded a video to youtube with the fixed audio, watched many youtube videos hung with friends and watched them play GTA V fun fun. Wrote this blog post. published it. rendered another video. Now it’s time for bed at 12:41 in the morning. I seem to be getting back onto a normal sleeping pattern yay me! Instead of 2am every morning somewhere around midnight is better, or 11 even the earlier the better. The tireder (that’s a word) the better the closer to midnight. I need a good nights rest in order to function best!