College: One month later. Give or take a week :)

So it’s roughly one month since my last blog post and let me tell you things have changed, somethings for the better and somethings for the worst. But hey that’s college for you. You gotta do it and make it work. I’ll try to detail some of the highlights and lowlights of my first month of college.

Where to start..

my sleeping pattern is a good place to start.

I currently fall asleep around 2am. I’m in bed at midnight so I’m falling asleep 2 hours after I go to bed which is kind of annoying that’s 2 hours that I could either be sleeping or being productive.

In a positive note I can now sleep til 9:30 every day because I switch my computer science classes around. Down side to this I get twice the amount of emails because I’m still in both classes emailing lists(fun fun).

My teachers.

By far I’m very impressed on my computer science teacher. This guy actually cares how you do. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do one of the labs so I sent him the code I had. He emailed me back the corrected code and explained how it worked and what was wrong with my code. Talk about support!


I’ve actually returned to minecraft server programming formally bukkit now spigot builds of the minecraft server and bukkit api and craftbukkit.  So that’s a thing finally!


College has a lot of homework and the college I attend is no different. I’ve had 1 writing assignment, 3 computer science labs, 1 computer science program, 2 math assignments,  6 math assignments. Yeah I’m taking 2 different math classes fun stuff.


So I’ve started playing a few more games that I’m going to start recording


So my roommates car has broken down so he’s now on campus a whole lot more, which means I have less recording time,