Life Is what you make of it.

So I guess it’s time for another update with what is going on with my life.

So this is just basically a long article about what has been going on in my life since my last blog post how ever long ago that was.


I’ve been having a long drawn out battle with the school over my alleged pirating of the newest hobbit movie that’s not out yet on dvd. I didn’t do it and getting them to believe that is the hardest thing ever. Right after I had the initial meeting with the school I went back and started searching my hard-drive for the movie. I also went ahead and used a software application called Recuva to look into the deleted contents of my computer and it turned up nothing. So I’ve been fighting that.

Snow days

I’ve had so many snow days this semester that we’ve all kind of gotten behind in classes and in teaching material, For my first midterm I was responsible for learning about 4 sections by myself and we didn’t even have a review, plus it was over a vacation and we had it the first class back. aka no time to meet up with the teacher to get help or see a tutor so yea.


I’ve decided to download the Unreal Engine 4 as it is now free yay and I’ve had a game I’ve wanted to make for a while and maybe have it end up on steam so I’m going to be trying my hand at that and also balancing my life around school and my other random not school related activities such as sleeping and recording video games.


It’s going great we’ve gotten the information about how to sign up for roommate assignments next year and we need to work on that unfortunately some of my friends aren’t that lucky and they might not be able to afford to pay the 2000 extra dollars to live in the two upperclass halls next year 🙁 so we wouldn’t be able to get a quad if they can’t get the money they need too.


I still haven’t received any new games. I’m still currently enjoying the ones I have and making videos while playing them most of the time. Man I should get a life LOL. But yeah the next game I probably get will be the next installment of Guild Wars 2 so it’s not really a game but an expansion pack, I’m really pumped up for that!

Random Junk

I’ve been working more on my minecraft mod’s and plugins, and as I said earlier now that I have access to a good engine I’m going to be working on my own secret hush hush game that I’ve been planning for a couple years of my life. I think it’s really fun personally and hopefully I’ll be able to get it on steam. Been doing lots of homework applying for scholarships. I’ve been taking trips back to my high school to do set building.

So yea that is basically what has been going on in my life .