Program Development

Development of my Apps and Programs

So it’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post but in that time I’ve done a lot of development on a twitter bot that I can send reminders to my google calendar automatically and school programming work. I’ve paid to have a Google developer account for both Android and Google Chrome extensions. So now that I have¬†the Unreal Development Engine and the Android Studios I have a way to start actually developing my ¬†ideas. Be watching for future apps and games with my name on it.

My first android app I’ve been working on so far looks like this

Development on my new Android App

and I don’t think I have that much left to do on this project before it’s actually ready to release so I’m pretty excited for that! It should be out before the end of the month and maybe even before the 18th of April so thats nice!

I eventually want to get my other game ideas onto the steam store via the greenlit process so be watching for that as well.

I have so many ideas that I wish to share but yet I cannot because well some people could come and steal them out from under me which would suck.

I’ve also applied for a Github educational pack but I have no clue when that will be filled so instead I’ve moved onto bitbucket for all my personal and educational private repo needs.. I would love to have a build server some day but hey if github and travis ci don’t deliver I’ll just host my own private one on one of my computers or I’ll go and buy a vps.

But yea that’s basically how my life has been going I’m going to stop talking now and actually get back to work on homework and school work.