University Round 2: New Beginnings


So I’m already a month into my second year at the university I go too. I’ve changed my major up from Computer Science to Informational Technology. I’m now living in a much better place. On campus, I live in the Dorm known as Upperclass hall. This dorm is a much nicer building having been built in 2007 and is a LEED certified building. The actual “room” I’m in is a suite and is a quad which means that four people are living in the same room as me. Two of my roommates are the same age and grade as myself. I know them both very well from last year where one was an extremely good friend that I spent most of my free time with and the other one was from the floor in Anderson that I lived on.

University Classes

My classes have been going extremely well so far 🙂 I love my computer networking class to death right now. I have a feeling that might change once I get to the subnetting portion of the class.  I’m also taking a website development class and that is a piece of cake for me I’m ahead of everyone in the class right now so that is always nice. My other two classes are Project Management and Computer Applications which are taught by a professor who tends to look down on you as a person (not my words someone in my team for Project Management ).

I cannot stress enough how much I love my professor for my networking class. They always say in a university setting  professors just lecture and don’t interact with the students. This professor I wouldn’t even call him a professor he’s more like a peer and a mentor in the class we have discussions and he makes sure we understand the material. We can joke and get off topic, but we keep in “on topic” about computers and stuff which is nice. It’s my only 8 am class on a Monday. Which is also my only class on a Monday, but it makes it worth it to me to go to that class cause I have such a fun time.

Summer time absence

I’ve also started recording video games again after taking a break to get a summer job that took up so much of my time. The job I had over summer was mowing lawns and being a general laborer for the City of Augusta Parks Cemeteries and Trees Department. So stay tuned for those videos to come out. For one of my classes I had to pick up some new video editing software so stay tuned to see some changes with how the videos look.

Getting an upgrade

Some other changes are I’ve upgraded my laptop to windows 10 and I love it so far 🙂 I’ve also downloaded a piece of software called the Ionic Framework which is a javascript library to make applications for ios and android. When I get some free time I’ll be experimenting with the framework to build my mobile applications. I’ve also gone ahead and downloaded both unreal development engine and Unity engine and I hope to use them to make some applications as well.


interface for the new software for the university class

interface for the new software for the university class

So overall my second year of university  is going very well for me. I have a lot of GoPro footage of all the shenanigans I’ve done every time I’ve come home from the university that I still need to edit I’m probably going to end up doing some kind of highlight reel using the new software that I had to pick up for one of my university classes.  The new software is called Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum – Steam Powered and can be found here. The interface looks like this.