Developing habits


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about developing any of my current projects. Since the end of last year, I basically had to put any developing on hold while I got a job. Then at the end of summer college started up again. I’ve been busy developing projects for classes. My main developing project for my website development class which is stuck in the 90’s is my father’s businesses website. I’m developing that for the final in the class. But like my professor hasn’t taught us anything really modern technics besides basic HTML 5. I’ve already had experience with basic HTML many years before I even thought of becoming an Informational Technology  or Computer Science major. This just like annoys the crap out of me because like I’m paying through the nose for this and I’m not learning anything new. I aced every quiz in that class and I never even studied for the quizzes.


I’ve thought of a couple more great idea’s for apps in my mind and I’ve been playing around with a few different development frameworks I think for my first app I’m going to settle on using Unity to create the app just because it’s going to be a lot easy to develop in a more visual environment for this first app. It’s nothing huge its actually a pretty simple app it relies more on UI then any background logic. I can easily create the background logic in just about any language out there I already have in pseudocode. I just want the UI to look nice and pretty I could make it extremely square and what not easily. Another issue I’m having is I’m not sure how android apps currently hand off data to each other I’d have three basic pages the game page, the settings page(app settings aka disable ads, sound settings) and then the edit game page. I’m not quite sure how the edit game page actually links up to the game page. I think I can make just a random class say Foo and have that contain all the data I need it to have. If that is how it works then I can quite simply make all three pages interact with that class. But then the UI shenanigans come into play of how do I make the Android os do what I want it to do. I will figure it out eventually and then get back to you fools on it.

I’ve also had to put off any actual plugin work for Minecraft which is an unfortunate thing. I have many ideas and I’ve been creating more and more ideas and work on the plugins themselves, but I have yet to finish them fully to a release stage which is a shame. I really miss working on Minecraft plugins, after all Minecraft is what started my love for programming as well as FIRST Robotics. I remember many-a-nights having my father calming me down as I would get worked up over something not working correctly and him offering to help me and him talking me through it honestly having to explain how it was supposed to work to someone else helped me so much.

all and all I really want to get back into developing apps for mobile devices and for the games I love to play