Semester end

Fall semester 2015

The Semester is ending finally it’s been an extremely long bumpy road for this semester.

The Goodbyes

I’ve said goodbye to many friends over this semester, unfortunately. I had one that threatened suicide because life was on the down end for him which was really sad. We, fortunately, caught him before he did, but it’s still really sad because he’s stuck at home now and he’s not allowed to even return to campus because of what he said to the dean of the school over the phone when he was at home (Woops). This means I will probably never see him again, unfortunately 🙁 I’ve had other friends leaving because their grades aren’t high enough because this school has some pretty shitty teachers. Fortunately, they have some wicked good professors who I love dearly and I can’t wait for their class periods. I guess you have to take good with the bad, unfortunately.  I’m also saying goodbye to another good friend who has already technically left but has come back to visit and get the rest of his stuff moved out. He’s a brilliant person and I’m going to hate to see him go, but it’s for his educational and working best he’s a very smart man when it comes to vaping. The place he was working up here at a vape shop wasn’t really paying him the best and they were overworking him for the wage they were giving him.

The teachings

I’ve learned an awful lot this semester thankfully 🙂 been taking a couple of classes where I didn’t learn more than I already knew ( website development I’m looking at you) I should have tested out of the class if I could have. This website would have been a prime example as I have extensively modified the site under the hood. I’m taking a course in which I absolutely love the professor and I have learned an awful lot under him. Then I have a professor for two classes where he talks down to us and puts us down I absolutely hate him.