Hate We Don’t Need Any More of It

Hate is such a powerful word and there is way to much of it in the world

There’s just too much hate in the world. Hate’s a pretty powerful word do you truly hate something common it’s alright to dislike something but to hate really. There ain’t enough loving and compassion in the world anymore. Neighbors busy hating each other snooping and talking to other neighbors that neighbor 1 did this today.(Good lord who cares did it affect your life? no? well then who gives a rats ass) Way too much backstabbing and talking behind each others backs. I ain’t never claimed to be perfect and I’m guilty as charged I’ve been there and done that I don’t think anyone could honestly claim they haven’t but seriously the doomsday clock is 3 minutes to midnight. It’s time to set aside our differences, the naysaying about shit, the bloody violence and work together to leave the planet in a better place for future generations cause we only have one earth and its home to all seven billion of us. We as a population can’t manage to sustain a good life going on the path we are right now, with a racist bigot running for president threating to undo all the work that this wonderful country has strived to accomplished. We got too many problems in our own country as well as around the work and even more local than that. That just ain’t right now ya feel?

Yah knows what’s f’ed up when a religious nut(thanks for that Kentucky! yah got that jackass gone yet?)can garner more media attention then like starving kids or homeless vets, don’t you think that’s a little messed up? You would think by now we’d as a nation and as a¬†world, we would finally realize what the hell is important and what isn’t. Who gives a damn how many flipping “likes” you get on that damn photo or how many comments but yah know that’s how most of the younger generation is.

Let’s not even get started on the texting and driving shit but for the hell of it let us. You’d be surprised at the number of older generation people I see texting on their phones like do you think those laws are only designed to stop the younger generations from doing… “oh well I’m older so I know how to drive safer” that don’t mean jack your still taking your eyes off the road even for a second come on now a lot can happen in a second.

We’re still punishing the use of technology in school (sometimes with good reason…) But come on get them engaged with their phones there is plenty of apps out there for like interactive questioning instead of buying a full blown system of clickers to answer questions most kids already have their phones(and if the app developers are doing it right there should be a web interface as well. (there are ways of coding an app to close out of sessions if they lose focus.. so that’s a way to know if the student is doing something they shouldn’t be)) so that’s a cost saving on the school that they can put to actual good use like paying teachers what they’re actually worth for instance.
Don’t even get me started on LePage I could probably write a three part novel on his ass, at least, he’s not afraid to speak his mind and say what he think’s is right even if what comes out of his mouth is extremely inappropriate. I guess that’s the one good thing I can say about the man.

There’re too many people getting offended by shit now too. Like omg, something on the interwebs offended you no need to write a bitchy post about it letting all 4235 of your followers know that it offended you (yes this could be an oxymoron cause I’m bitching about all this stuff to the interwebs whoopee do at least I’m speaking the damn truth about real facts that need to be dealt with instead of someone wore the wrong damn clothes and that offended your ass)
We got too many people spewing anti-science bullshit “oh the earth ain’t round it’s flat” jackwagon please that’s been proven for a damn while now stop trying to change that open your damn eyes and let some air into your brainbox cause you could use some fresh air. Don’t even get me started on the anti-vaccers or whatever they’re called. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE GOT RID OF SMALLPOX YOU JACKWAGONS? No, the magical smallpox fairy didn’t get bored of doing her job. Once again we can thank SCIENCE. I swear if I catch something contagious and deadly because of those numbskulls I will never rest until it has become a world law that you must be vaccinated.

Lets not even get started about calling people stupid. Everyone is smart in their own damn way. Some people have never strived for the perfect 4.0 or been book smart I know plenty of those people. Heck, some didn’t give a shit about high school they started going to vocational school to learn how to build buildings, how to fix vehicles, how to do plumbing and electrical. I’ll be damned to hear someone call them dumb. I have friends that are some of the smartest mechanics I freaking know of. And yet they have been called stupid by those people that think they’re more intelligent than them. I think it’s time those people put their hands where their brain is. Let’s go see them fix a broken down vehicle lets go see them hoist a damn engine out let alone find all the bloody bolts holding it to the frame. It’s high time we stop calling each other stupid just because someone isn’t on the same level of your “book intelligence” or let’s call it “Hard Work intelligence” Doesn’t mean they’re dumb they probably had no interest in learning it or maybe they cared about what you said and didn’t know it beforehand no reason to call them dumb over it. Like who honestly can be like that intelligent of a person to know everything and be skilled in every profession out there. That’s right not many so stop calling people dumb.

God, I could keep going I’m on fire honestly so much to write about and complain about so much bloody judging going on in this world too much hate not enough love and compassion Boy I hope this stirs up some thoughts in people I could keep touching on more and more subjects. Heck, I could even write a damn book about this. But basically, this was I guess just a rant from someone who is already fed up with the bullshit from last year and the bullshit from this year and we ain’t even a full month in yet. ¬†Honestly, if I wanted to try hard enough and constructively type this stuff out I could probably easily beat the Dear Drew blog post which is at 1611 words (this is currently at 1219 words) but its like six am and I have yet to sleep cause I’m so fed up with this shit in general right now. So I guess for now until I start ranting again I’m done for now