Eyy return of the regular blog!

I’m starting to blog again!

I’m getting ready to start blogging pretty regularly again. Just mainly about my day to day activities and what day is best to kick it off a day that won’t happen again for another four years! February 29th I’m going to hopefully start returning to normal Minecraft Gaming, Development and starting to realize my idea’s for android applications! All while taking you on the journey that I normally follow from day to day! It’s especially exciting for me because I’m finally doing scene construction in college! So now that I guess I’m starting blogging again I should get started finishing up today’s blog post…

Current Time: 4:12AM

I don’t have class until 4:10 PM 12 hour’s from now that’s still plenty of time to get 8 hours of sleep and go to the shop(where I build sets for the theater) for 2:00 pm

I’ve successfully finished up my most recent assignment for my advanced website development class after delaying to watch the Oscars for several hours(I didn’t realize they normally lasted that long…) but who cares Leo got his Oscar that’s all that matters. I decided to wake a couple of different forum accounts from their graves and have made some changes and started posting again.

But for now, I’m going to go to sleep so I’m going to head to bed I’ll post later on. Sign off 4:16

Sign on at 1:13 PM

Slept for a very very long time. Longer than I wanted to I kept fading in and out of sleep. Woops. As a result, I’m probably not going to go to the theater as I haven’t eaten all day yet and I haven’t had the most important drink of the day Coffee. I’ve had my coffee, recorded an episode of vanilla Minecraft where I talked about doing the blog more. I took a shower without having to wear flip flops (Yay for private showers). Finished up my web development assignment. Ate a pizza pocket randomly ran around the room getting ready to class aka wearing shorts, a tee shirt and a Carhartt sweatshirt you know my typical look if you’ve ever met me.

Went to class finished up my assignment in class put the polishing touches on it moved it from the dev folder where I just drop anything and everything I’m working on to the actual folder that it’s required to go into. Came back to the room chilled for a bit. Went to dinner where I had some lovely cafe food… Came back to my room watched my roommate throw himself into a battlefield hardline battle and not have a clue what he was doing. Some parts would have made for a funny youtube video xD maybe eventually I’ll pick up a screen recorder for that. Sat down to do some homework. did the homework started studying for a quiz, took the quiz, went to the food place on campus affectionately called the Crack. Ate the food. Wrote more on this here blog post. Checked in on a couple of Reddit comments I made apparently a lot of people agree with how I feel about the script kiddies running rampant on GTA5 Online. Updated Minecraft to 1.9 after backing up my world… current status 1.9 crashes on any world… not impressed Mojang not impressed. Even the brand new world I created after I updated would crash… Watched a random bit of youtube videos and now I’m going to start my homework that is due for tomorrow’s night class. I will update and publish this before I go to bed tonight. Just think this date won’t happen for another 4 years!

Alright finished up that homework it was easier than I thought! Time to go play some video games before bed or maybe get Minecraft working or do some programming. Oh wait I can’t play video games cause I’m on like the slowest rendering render of a my lifetime… So programming it is! M2EXP I’M COMMIN FOR YA