I Bought a Server!

So yeah. it’s been awhile since my last blog post and much has happened. I guess we can start with the newest stuff first. I bought myself a nice refurbished server from Save My Server. I bought a battery backup and powerline conditioner from CyberPower. Oh and this website now has an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Setting the server up

Only took 25 minutes from unboxing to sticking it where it’ll spend its summer in my room to installing the os.

After I installed the OS I started installing many difference services on the server. So far I’ve managed to install my good friend Jenkins. The ever so lovely LAMP stack(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). My old friend Sonarqube. Then I decided to set up a service like GitHub but for my own use called Gitlab. Boy, that was easy, except for whatever reason, it tries to use the same ports as Jenkins and Apache…. I was able to change the port conflict it had with Jenkins but for whatever reason, I couldn’t get it to stop binding on port 80. Eventually, I have to configure Apache to start talking on a different port and I’ve yet to configure it to use PHP. I got Sonarqube running but I have yet to figure out how to make it analyze projects.

Stay tuned for the specs they’ll show up on my specs page here when I remember to update it and have a chance to sit down and do it.

I was planning on buying a mini rack for the battery backup and server but for what I’m about to say in the next section will kind of explain why I haven’t yet.

Personal Life Stuff and College Stuff

I’m currently in a relationship with someone <3  and I love her to pluto and back.

I’m taking a few summer courses that make me want to pull my hair out. looking at you Pearsons MyStatLab…..

I’ve started moving my room around and started cleaning it I’m so excited and happy. It’s been a long time coming cleaning out all the junk I’ve stored up.

While I was working my old phone finally quit on me. Cue worrying from my GF when she never heard if I made it to work on time and safely. Lucky the new phone has been ordered. Kind of set me back a couple of pennies but I’m not complaining from what I put that old Moto E through I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I just hope I don’t need to 2-factor authenticate anything while I don’t have the phone.

Idea’s Galore

I’ve thought of a fair few more ideas for mobile apps and games while riding around on the mower all day long at work. So stay tuned for when my ADHD butt finally gets in gear and starts working on them.