Another School Semester Down.

What a semester at school. I thought it would never end. Thank god it finally did.

Really enjoyed most of my classes. My professors taught me so much this semester. My favorite classes this semester were: Intermediate networking, Telecommunications, and Information & Communications Technology.

I had so much fun learning about telecommunications this school semester and we did so many cool labs as well. One of my favorites were actually building a mini phone network.


Yeah, my group build that. It was a pretty amazing lab class and was really fun to write about. We had two good instructors for that class, one of which actually works for the university system networking department so that’s always handy he can relate real work experience about the university right into the course.

I learned a bunch of new skills like how to use the Adobe Creative Suite of apps. Some of the apps I used were Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

I’m just so impressed with how hard I’ve worked this semester I’ve done my best ever so far this semester and I give most of the credit to the wonderful instruction of my wonderful professors.

overall for my courses this semester I have a 3.2GPA my best ever.

Outside of School

During this semester I had a lot of fun adventures! Some of my friend and I went on an adventure to New Hampshire to visit a good friend who no longer goes to school here. My roommates and I went to a Bruins game for one of my roommates birthday.  I won a copy of Overwatch and I’ve had a blast playing it when I have had the time to do so! I started to create an app for a class that is gonna benefit my high school theater hopefully when I get it finished. Turns out it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be but that isn’t going to stop me. I also picked up another idea to complete as well. All about building that Portfolio out when I get the chance.

On Friday’s I kept working at my seasonal job of mowing lawns right up until the week before Thanksgiving.  So that was always fun getting up at 4:30 am to drive up north. Wasn’t ever late tho! It was always a pleasant drive as well. except for some rainy mornings… turns out 18 wheels can kick up a lot of water with them wheels. Oh, I got new tires finally. I have tread on my tires now 😀

I had to move out of housing this semester and into my grandparent’s house to help take care of them and watch over them. That was always the plan but I had to move it up a semester early, unfortunately 🙁  I’m going to miss my time in the dorm and being surrounded by friends 24/7 but I’ll still be able to visit them everyday cause I’ll be there every day taking classing still.


So I guess that’s it for now.