UMS Network Info For Freshman


USM (and the UMS system at large) has two wifi networks. Tempest and UMS-Guest.

Tempest is the wireless network for UMS staff, students, etc etc. Once you join that network you will eventually be taken to a captive portal to register your device to your account( see you as a person at the school) This is done by using your SSO credentials(ie what you use to login to blackboard, mainestreet, school email)

USM-Guest is the network for guests, all they have to do is put in an email address and they can gain access not recommended for students because of the sheer number of times you’ll end up having to put in an email address.


Hard wiring in your laptop or tower to the physical network will also prompt (upon opening a browser, or new tab, or a page refresh) you to enter your SSO credentials and follow instructions provided.

Gaming equipment works a little bit differently. You have to find your MAC (geek speak for media-access-control google it for more info) address (see bottom of this section) and then you have to go through and use this form AFTER you have connected the device physically to the network(unless the backend has changed how it works) you’ll need to input the MAC address from the previous step, select the type, a comment if necessary and hit submit, you may have to reboot said device to gain access to the network.

If you cannot manage to put a device on the network you might have to go down and see ResNet they’re located on the backside of Upton near card services and in where the mail services is. (walk in the door and it’s the first door on the left.)

To find your mac address follow the steps at the provided links

  • PS4
  • PS3
  • Xbox one 
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • Anything else Google this ” How to find $DEVICE$ Mac Address”
  • if all else fails take it to ResNet or message me


A friendly word of advice no matter what anyone says do not offer to use your credentials ever to allow someone else access onto the network. You are directly responsible for what your user account does. I’m speaking from experience here. They don’t heavily monitor what you do but they are monitoring and associating your MAC addresses to both yourself and your public facing IP address (perks of being a state school system we have a large block of IPV4 addresses which are freely given out. (statically assigned for those that care) and if you have a router you can port forward and stuff like that without having to deal with trying to get ports opened up for games and whatnot) Basically if you do dumbshit and the law takes issue with it (See also pirating.) you can expect a meeting with the student conduct office and the proof is in black and white. (I personally do not recommend pirating as you have to write about a video you watched.. the video resolution on YouTube 240p max quality(GOOD GOD!). Pretty sure you get disconnected for a full week (only allowed to use lab computers. Good bye data plan on cell phones) and must pay a 35 dollar fine. Repeat offenders the disconnect time gets worse if I remember correctly from my meeting with the dean over the issue I had.

Another word of advice even though the AP(Access Point the thing that makes the wifi) infrastructure for the wireless has improved 10 fold as well as the physical network (freshman year each floor of Anderson had one AP in the center of the floor. I was living on the exterior edge. So I didn’t have WIFI until I got a router brought to me.)  Now there’s about one AP in every other room (do not cover these. Please. Yes, they’re ugly but they’re needed. And I’m pretty sure RA’s write you up for it. (I believe they do I’m pretty sure I was right after they were installed. (mine was inactive but still.) but sometimes when you are out on the grounds you won’t have speedy service for those with APPLE phones want to make sure you have the WIFI Assist turned off ( see here for instruction) otherwise you might have a nasty surprise when the bill comes due.

Another big warning would be the fact that the lab computers DO NOT SAVE WORK upon shutdown. The UMS system runs something called Deep Freeze on all lab computers. The jist is we can do anything we want to the computers but upon shutdown, everything we’ve done is wiped gone forever. So bring a pen drive, upload your work to google drive, email it to yourself.