Spigot Plugins

Spigot is a server mod for Minecraft that allows server operators to modify the server side different plugins. Spigot came from the bukkit plugin designed to be a lot more efficient then bukkit for the larger servers. Bukkit’s website can be found here.

Bukkit’s Demise:

Bukkit has received a DCMA notification because it is technically owned by Mojang after a bunch of drama later all Minecraft server based plugins are now developed and published on the Spigot platform now which uses the Bukkit API still.

M2EXP:  is a spigot plugin that when coupled with McMMO and Vault allows players to buy levels of McMMO exp with money.

commandblock-logger: Is another spigot plugin of mine that will run by itself on the server and simply log every time an op of places or breaks a command block and where it was placed.

I have a few other spigot plugins that I’ve been working on and have yet to release because they’re not finished / I don’t know enough coding yet / I just haven’t had the time / or they’re just abandoned 🙁